Evil Twin Podcast

Thank you for your interest in The Evil Twin Podcast. Our last episode was posted June 12th 2016. However, we are leaving our favorite episodes on this feed as a thank you. The rest of the episodes with be archived for future generations and buried in our underground bunker. If you prey real hard, one day they may be made available again to the public. You never know, you may see us again where you least expect it.

Skeptical, even of skepticism, The Evil Twin Podcast takes on a variety of topics from very unexpected angles. In this podcast you ride shotgun while twin brothers Brad and Thad explore the strange underbelly of "belief" and what it means to identify with those beliefs.

Episode 057 : Dr. Bruce Damer

In this episode we talk to the brilliant Dr. Bruce Damer. Dr. Damer is an associate researcher in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, University of California at Santa Cruz where he collaborated with Prof. David Deamer to develop the Coupled Phases model for the origin of life. From 1999 to 2009 Dr. Damer's company, DigitalSpace Corporation, was awarded contracts by NASA to build an open source 3D modeling platform for the simulation and design of space missions. He has recently completed a 30-year effort to design a concept spacecraft capable of harvesting resources from asteroids. In the late 1990s, Dr. Damer met the American philosopher and storyteller Terence McKenna and formed a collaboration investigating the connection between computer virtual worlds and the inner worlds experienced through alternative states of consciousness. Dr. Damer's design portfolio ranges from early software user interfaces, avatar virtual world for learning and events, spacecraft concepts, and chemical models for the origin of life. At the end of the program we present "Fire in the Sky" a spoken word piece performed by Dr. Damer and set to music by DJ DISSOLV. The piece was performed on the Temple Stage at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival near Bradley CA with artist Android Jones projecting live art.

Episode 053 : Dr. Noah Charney

In this episode we have a conversation with one of Brad's favorite authors, Dr. Noah Charney. Dr. Charney is an Art Historian, Novelist and founder of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art.

Episode 052 : Richard Hatch

In this episode we have a chat with Richard Hatch, winner of Survivor season one, and participant in numerous other reality TV shows. Richard's life experience is unique and his perspective on the nature of our existence is rooted in authenticity. Listen and ask yourself, "What s a villain?"

Episode 043 : Jediism, Part 2

In this episode we talk to Daniel Jones, founder of the Church of Jediism in the UK. We discuss his background with Star Wars, his interest in founding a new religion, his experiences with the media, and this conflict he's having with the Temple of the Jedi Order. In this follow up conversation to last weeks call with Br. John of TTotJO, we get Daniel to agree to a three-way call with Br. John to bring balance to the Force. Stay tuned to see what happens.

Episode 042 : Jediism, Part 1

In this episode we talk about Jediism with the founder of the Temple of the Jedi Order, Br. John Henry Phelan. We talk about his history with Star Wars, the creation of his church, and the issues he has with another branch of Jediism called The Church of Jediism. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week with Daniel Jones, founder of the Church of Jediism.

Episode 027 : The Church of the SubGenius

In this episode we recover from our Mormonism series by smoking some J's and having a conversation with Rev. Ivan Stang, co-founder and sacred scribe of the Church of the SubGenius. He enlightens us on the teachings of "Bob" Dobbs and the formation of the church, we talk about his radio show "The Hour of Slack", and discuss how Rev. Stang cultivates "Slack" in his own life.

Episode 017 : Psilocybin with Dr. Martin Ball

In this episode we recover from consuming psilocybin mushrooms and interview podcaster, author, musician, teacher and entheogen expert, Dr. Martin Ball. As responsible adults we planned months in advance for a day where we could have this experience in a safe environment. Although many use psilocybin mushrooms in a casual recreational fashion, we consider it a serious undertaking appropriate for adults only.

Episode 001 : Taylor John Williams

In this episode we talk to Taylor John Williams (5th Place Contestant on NBC's The Voice, Season 7) about the mythos of celebrity, how his sudden notoriety has affected his life, and his plans for the future.