An Ugly Decision: Anyone but Trump.

Disgusted by the Republican Party's inability to stop the rise of Donald Trump, two Oregon citizens are taking drastic measures in the 2016 Oregon primary election. "Independent voters have a real role to play in political elections. This year our role is to stop Donald Trump." says Brad Grace of Beaverton Oregon. As lifetime independent voters, twin brothers Brad and Thad Grace are joining a political party for the first time in order to try and make a difference. The Republican Party.

"Our motto is 'Anyone but Trump'" said Thad Grace. By joining the Republican Party in order to vote in Oregon's closed primary, the twins are making a point that party affiliation is fluid. Anyone can change parties at any time. If you are an independent voter in Oregon and interested in doing the same thing, here are directions to the simple process of changing party affiliation in Oregon:

You have until the deadline: April 26th, 2016

First go to the Voting in Oregon page on Then click 'My Vote' on the bottom of the side bar.

Enter your name and date of birth, then click submit.

Now click on the 'Update Registration' button.

Answer a couple demographic questions and click 'continue'.

Enter your Oregon DMV number to verify who you are, then click 'continue'.

Select the pull down under 'Political Party' and choose Republican Party.

Click 'continue'.

Don't forget the last step. Click 'Submit Registration'.

You are now a Republican. Remember to switch back after the Primary.